beauty and permanent make up

beauty and permanent make up

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Pure Beauty and Permanent Make Up

Gernetic Facial Treatments:

Pure Gernetic Facial price £55 for one hour.

Prescription Facial:

Deep cleansing treatment begins with consultation followed by a deep cleansing facial skin analysis, exfoliation that leaves the skin polished and glowing.

Price £65 for one hour and thirty minutes.

Gernetic Synthèse Laboratories.

At Pure Beauty and Permanent Make Up salons we have partnered with Gernetic Synthèse Laboratories who have been a leader in the field of SKIN CARE for more than 31 years. Their continuous and ongoing research into cellular biology keep them at the leading-edge of innovative technology. Advanced natural active ingredients are used in all Gernetic products to treat skin care conditions from simplest to most complex, affecting face, bust and body.

The skin is a reflection of the body’s inner state, so our unique method addresses internal deficiencies in order to improve or eliminate external problems. Vital nutritional elements (vitamins, trace elements and amino acids in scientifically measured proportions) can be made to pass through the skin (cutaneous penetration), helping to improve general organic health, which will in turn, enhance the beauty and aesthetics of the face and body.


At Pure Beauty and Permanent Make Up as well as treating the external body, also provide advice on balanced diets is also given by our “Gerneticians” beauty technicians trained in our laboratories.

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